Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was going to post just this picture today—jewel-like balls of rain on a nasturtium leaf.

But I met some friends in the city today and everyone asked me how Mum and Scruff were going. Mum is much better, thanks, and here's Scruff:
She's enjoying a brief respite from the bucket collar while I brush her neck and ears. As you can see, she is looking much better. The main challenge now is getting her to swallow her antibiotics, but so far the humans are proving smarter than the dog 90% of the time!


  1. good little girl, she's looking much better, stitches should be out soon too i guess.
    I think Charlie had meat flavoured antibiotics last time he needed them, or maybe it's my imagination. They do get smart about the tabs tho, naughty kids.

  2. Hi, I have installed what you suggested today, fingers crossed it will work. Pleased all is on the mend with the family.

  3. Scruff looks much improved from the last photo you posted. Our dog Sophie is a bit partial to peanut butter which works quite well slathered over a pill! Love the raindrop leaf photo too :)

  4. Yay Scruff, you look so much better already! Cyber cuddles for you!

    Lovely photo of the raindrops Vireya. I am so glad your Mum and your dog are both improving. It must be such a relief for you all.

    Dee from Dewdrops & Dragonflies (who still can't post as herself)

  5. I'm so glad to hear that all are on the mend.

    Scruff looks so much happier!