Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Day in Ballarat

Paid a surprise visit to my mother, who is much improved. Her room at the rehab centre has a nice view of the garden.

The tree dahlias in the gardens are a lovely purple shade - although as usual the camera doesn't capture the purple accurately:
They are much darker than the regular tree dahlia (Dahlia imperialis). It is actually a different species, Dahlia tenuicaulis. I wonder if there's a chance of getting a cutting...


  1. good to hear that Mum has nice accom there and that she is continuing to improve.

  2. What a lovely view down the avenue of trees! So pleased to hear about your Mum's improvement too. :-)

  3. I haven't been able to post comments lately due to a Blogspot glitch for some members.
    I wanted to wish you a happy Birthday and tell you how pleased I am that your Mother is doing well.
    Maybe this will work??
    Dee from Dewdrops & Dragonflies.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I've just spoken with Mum and she has graduated to walking with crutches now.