Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beanie Take Two

Finished another beanie today. That's it on the left, and the previous one on the right.
This pattern is definitely much better. I think the pointiness on top may have been my mistake rather than the pattern, because I've started another one and it isn't so pointy. Apart from that this one is much more human-head shaped, although it is still smaller than I would want. Not such a problem, as it is not for me, but I think I was worrying about making it too large and stopped too soon.

I learnt from this pattern how to start with a "magic ring" instead of a circle of chain stitches:
It gives a much nicer closed centre instead of a hole in the middle. If like me you've never heard of the magic ring before, you can find instructions here.


  1. good morning, the first one isn't really a beanie - it's a basket, you've just turned it upside down! :)
    the magic ring is a good start, it's very neat and the final beanie is a beautie, well done for persisting.

  2. Your second version looks great and the magic ring works perfectly. Well done!