Saturday, July 21, 2018

White Flowers

I haven't spent much time outside recently, but a couple of days ago I suddenly noticed that there are lots of white jonquil flowers open in the front garden.
Today I even got a chance to photograph one!

Yesterday morning as I was driving out I noticed the white wind-flower buds were finally opening:
The pink one flowered back in April. The buds on this white (with a hint of pink) one were just beginning then. This plant was a gift from the garden of a friend in the city, so I will be interested to hear from her when it flowers in her garden.

I'm glad we had a bit of wintery sunshine today for me to take the photos. Here's a couple of other creatures who enjoyed a touch of sun today:
Kangaroos seen in a nearby paddock.


  1. Such pretty flowers! I am always amazed by kangaroos that are out and free. Growing up in the US I only saw them in the zoo.

  2. Beautiful jonquils. And wind flowers. I don't think I know these. Are they related to anemones? How nice to see Kangaroos just hanging out!

  3. No sign of flowering on my wind flowers as yet. They do need a feed as the soil they are in is much depleted. My garden is mainly yellow with a variety of wattles.

  4. Your wind flower is ver delicate and pretty.

  5. I wish the kangaroos would stay in the paddocks. Saw so many by the roadside on our trip these last few days.

  6. Hi Vireya ,so lovely to see some of your pretty flowers,we have lots of Roos here too,we love watching them,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx