Friday, July 13, 2018


It has been cold this week. If I had made a second temperature quilt, this week I would have used a colour that I never needed last year:

13/07/2018    10.2    aqua/teal
12/07/2018      7.9    blue
11/07/2018      4.7    pale blue - COLD!!!
10/07/2018      7.7    blue
9/07/2018        7.9    blue
8/07/2018        9.3    blue
7/07/2018        7.1    blue

Anyway, today we managed to make it into double digits. The sun shone for a while!

Red hot pokers are sending up flower spikes all round the garden. The spinebills and honeyeaters will be glad of the nectar feed in this cold weather:

Another feed for nectar-eating birds, hakea hybrid "Burrendong Beauty":

And a sign that winter will be gone soon enough, a hyacinth just about fully open:


  1. Yes I agree, it is cold.
    Beautiful flowers.

  2. Hi Vireya yep its sure been cold here,love your pretty colourful flowers,keep warm my friend xx

  3. Lovely colours of your plants to brighten a grey day. The sun is shining here this morning. My hyacinth has just poked it’s head through the soil.

  4. Cold for you but very hot for us in Japan! Two ends of the thermometer.

  5. Red Hot Poker is so cheery, it alone could warm you up.