Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bird World

Fun trip to Ballarat Bird World.

Paul, the 90-yr-old owner of Bird World, with a red-tailed black cockatoo:

Wooden walkways, and this artificial waterfall feature, all built by Paul over the last 40 years:

Very talkative Major Mitchell cockatoo:
This bird lived with a family and learnt a lot of expressions beyond just "Hello cocky". When he outlived the humans he came to live at the park.

Beautiful red-winged parrot in the large walk-through aviary:

Someone with a red-tailed black cockatoo on her shoulder:

Same bird, different shoulder:


  1. Hi Vireya i have always been meaning to check this place out for a family get together and i still havent managed to get there,looks like a lovely place to visit,i love birds,thankyou for sharing xx

  2. I hope there is a plan for these birds in the future too.