Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Never Sew For Someone Else

Many, many, years ago someone asked me to sew a couple of garments for them. I did, but the experience was so stressful that I've never done it again.

Last week someone asked me to finish a quilt for them, and in a moment of madness I said I would. The job turned out to be a little more involved than I was expecting, and includes stitching down some letters that were already fused in place.

When has my machine ever put grease on something I'm sewing?
Today, that's when! Blob of grease to the left of the red flower, and a streak at the bottom left. How did that happen? I have no idea.

After treatment with eucalyptus oil:
Hopefully once it is quilted those remaining marks won't be too obvious. I thought that spot at the top of the white section was more grease, but eucalyptus oil had no effect on it. Then I checked a photo I took before I sewed this section, and the mark was already there. I think it is in the fabric.

So now the letters are stitched down, and I've removed the stabiliser. The next stressful part will be basting it on a table that isn't big enough, with backing and batting that are just barely big enough. There is no room for error. Then comes the quilting, of course, which is potentially the most stressful.

Maybe next time someone asks me to sew or quilt for them I will remember this stress, and say firmly, "No!"


  1. I agree with you! It is too stressful.

  2. I empathise. I used to foolishly agreed to make clothes for friends who did not sew and they either chose patterns cut on the bias or impossible to sew fabric or both!

  3. It is very difficult deciding who to sew for. You really must know the people well.

  4. Not easy to finish up someone else's work in progress at all. the only objects i sewed for others was for my two babies when they were toddlers...little bib shorts for my son and little easy dresses for my daughter...and they never complained hahaha...waaaty too stressful to sew for others--I give you credit for doing this hugs and good luck Julierose

  5. I agree also, a firm No. A quilter at rose garden has made a quilt to raffle and stood up at the meeting and said I would make something for a prize, I was not consulted and I should have said no......but I didn’t.

  6. Well fixed, and the quilt will now have a lovely scent. It can be hard to say no directly, particularly when the requester has singled you out as the person who can assist. Asking for more information before committing may be a way of backing away gently.
    I am sure the final quilt will be beautifully finished with no unfortunate marks visible.

  7. So many people have asked me, and can't understand when I say NO. But I, too, have done it before and vowed years ago to never, ever, so it again. Hang in there!! Send positive energy for smooth sailing through the rest of the project!

  8. Hi Vireya oh dear ,so stressful sewing for someone else i wont do it now,did many years ago when i had no fear,lol,only sew for myself now. You will do a beautiful job though,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx