Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Walk in the Rain

An interesting excursion with the local Field Naturalists club to a couple of nearby sites.

Firstly Mount Buninyong:


Not ideal if you aren't wearing waterproof gear. But good weather for finding fungi:

The main crater:
Some discussion as to the cause of the treelessness of the crater.

The secondary crater, also treeless:

The next site was Union Jack Reserve, Buninyong. I've seen signs pointing to the reserve, but never visited it before.

Picnic table between two covered mine shafts:

Lots more fungi:

And some pink heath:

By now my non-weatherproof coat was becoming cold and damp on the inside. Other intrepid members were going on to a third site, but I came home to the fire, hot food and dry clothes.


  1. Very atmospheric. I enjoyed looking at your misty pictures from a warm and dry distance.

  2. Hi Vireya what a beautiful place,its been many years since i have walked there up to the tower,dont think i could do it now,lol,lovely pics my friend xx

  3. Lovely bright Pink Heath and fungi. Walking in the rain is pleasant providing you wear the right gear. Beautiful area.

  4. I'm feeling cold just reading this. I'm sure you really did enjoy it though. Your photos look great.