Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Chips and Fish

Wild winds overnight brought down a few branches:
Fortunately none of them landed on anything important.
The branches were shredded rather than chipped, really.

Later today, some new fish were added to the fishpond. In their bag prior to release:
 Swim little fishies!
I hope the big fish don't eat them.


  1. That must have been wicked wind. Yes, swim little fishies.

  2. You had winds and we had huge thunder boomers--billowing purple clouds- and wicked lightening--and a fair amount of rain--thank goodness, as we are so dry here...our grass is turning into hay!! hugs, Julierose
    P.S. Glad you didn't have any damage to any of your buildings...;)))

  3. I hope your new fish don't do backstroke. Wild winds are quite frightening.

  4. Those branches look like the trees were really whipped around by the winds. How fortunate there was no other damage.

  5. We had a vicious wind storm a few weeks ago too. It knocked my power out for over a day.