Friday, May 25, 2018

Week Fifty-Two

Can you believe it?
The 52nd week of my year quilt. And every day was aqua:

25/05/2018    13.8    aqua/teal
24/05/2018    11.5    aqua/teal
23/05/2018    10.3    aqua/teal
22/05/2018    11.9    aqua/teal
21/05/2018    11.6    aqua/teal
20/05/2018    12.8    aqua/teal
19/05/2018    11.1    aqua/teal

This is the third time in the year where I've had a whole week all the same colour. Week 3, week 9, and now week 52 were full weeks of aqua!

You might think that this would be the last week of the year quilt. But if I stop now, the year would have no 26th May. So I am going to do one more week, which will cover a whole year plus 6 days, and take me up to the official first day of winter.  

Linked to Sarah's weekly Weather Report here. Now Sarah has her complete year together as well. Go and check it out!


  1. Looking forward to seeing this one finished too.

  2. I love aqua! Only one more week? It will be fantastic.

  3. Fantastic colors! I think I only had 2 weeks that were monochromatic.

  4. Now I'm going to have to check mine. I think I might have had one week that was all blue (50's F). Beautiful block this week. I look forward to seeing the whole year!

  5. If memory serves me right there was a Birthday at the begining of this quilt. Happy Birthday. The quilt will be lovely.

  6. 🎂🎈🎁🎉
    Ooohhhhh so close.