Friday, May 18, 2018


Today a group of quilting friends took a trip down to Torquay to visit Jen Kingwell's shop, Amitié.
We sat and sewed, ate lunch from the in-store café, and probably all splashed a bit of cash on lovely fabrics and patterns.

The very high ceiling means there is plenty of room to display quilts above the stock shelves:
See the quilt up above the Featherweight? I photographed that because of a design idea I've had in one of my sketchbooks for ever. I based it on the robe Katharine Hepburn is wearing in this scene in Adam's Rib:
Adams rib trailer.png
Trailer screenshot uploaded by Lobo512 at en.wikipedia - Adam's Rib trailer, as featured on the DVD, Public Domain, Link

One day it will get made maybe!

There is lots of room between the shelves, too. The fabrics are all arranged by colour:
What I didn't photograph are the little baskets of 1/16ths scattered around between the shelves. They're ideal for if you just need a touch of something. For example, the background I've used in this week's temperature rosette came from one, as did today's hexie:

This is week 51. So close to the end. Here are the temperatures:

18/05/2018    13.1    aqua/teal
17/05/2018    10.3    aqua/teal
16/05/2018      9.3    blue
15/05/2018      9.8    blue
14/05/2018    14.3    aqua/teal
13/05/2018    11.2    aqua/teal
12/05/2018    11.3    aqua/teal

It really feels like winter has arrived. I know last year in the week before I started this quilt there were three "green" days - ie temperatures between 15 and 20C. But this year it seems green is gone.

Linked to Sarah's weekly Weather Report here.


  1. A wonderful day out. Such a fabulous shop packed to the ceiling with beautiful quilts and fabrics.
    great pick up for the background of your weather hexie.

  2. I need to plan a trip there, but when it is sunny.
    The pattern is a variation on a three and one twill, I have found a draft but it doesn't have a name. So if you make the quilt I can weave a bag for it.

  3. Looks like a beautiful shop; I like your backgrounds for your temperature hexies...hugs, Julierose

  4. Gorgeous block this week! The day at the shop looks very fun.

  5. Beautiful store and it seems you had a great day out there. You made a beautiful blue and aqua block but it is early for below temperatures, isn't it? Here winter is coming also.

  6. I enjoyed my visit to Amite too. Wow. Week 51. That means it's your birthday soon.

  7. Beautiful weather rosette. Winter really does seem to havw arrived in your neck of the woods. After a long cold spring, we are finally getting warm weather. The only problem is that it is more than warm. We seem to have missed spring and havw been thrown right into the middle of summer. Tomorrow the temperature will be 28C. I have added your blog to my sidebar so that I don't miss anything.