Friday, May 4, 2018

Week 49

Another week that hasn't been sewn together yet:

I've been busy quilting charity quilts this week, but I will have to take some time off from them and do some hand-sewing to catch up with my year quilt.

Here's this week's temperatures:

4/05/2018      12.4     aqua/teal
3/05/2018      20.2     yellow
2/05/2018      19.7     green
1/05/2018      20.9     yellow
30/04/2018    21.1     yellow
29/04/2018    16.2     green
28/04/2018    19.2     green

We got some very welcome rain overnight and today, so I don't mind that today was aqua.

Linked to Sarah's weekly Weather Report.


  1. This week's block is looking like mine, with lots of yellow.

  2. I was wondering if you would show aqua flowers. Our rains have arrived as well. Everything is greening up nicely! I'll be catching up on my overall quilt this weekend as well - I have 5 rosettes to applique down. The end is in sight!!!

  3. Ah yes I can see the low front sneaking in at the bottom of the block. I was in the city yesterday when in rained and everyone just smiled.

  4. I feel we are now at that cooler stage of colours. Warm in the city today but with no rain!!

  5. Won't be having many more yellows