Thursday, May 24, 2018


This afternoon a friend took me along as a guest to a members' preview of a new exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Japonisme: Japan and the Birth of Modern Art.

Then before I could get home and write a blog post, Jeanette had written and published her own, and said everything I could have. Even most of her photos are the same as ones I took. So go and read her post here!

Here are a couple of extra photos:
How about that for a vase? Due to certain deficiencies and ambiguities in the labelling of the exhibition I couldn't work out which label belonged to this item. I downloaded the labels from the NGV website, and searched for "peacock", but that turned up nothing. However I now think it is the piece labelled simply "Vase c. 1896", designed by Christopher Dresser.

A touch of Art Nouveau:
Tiffany "Wisteria" lamp designed by Clara Driscoll,  "Jack in the Pulpit" vase designed by Tiffany himself, and a rather beautiful French display cabinet by Louis Majorelle (who was the father of Jacques, the painter who created the garden in Morocco).

I enjoyed the exhibition, apart from things mentioned in Jeanette's blog post. It is definitely worth visiting.

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