Friday, May 11, 2018

Blue Returns

This is week 50 of my temperature-based year quit:
You will notice there are no warm colours this week. Perhaps we have seen the last of yellow.  And then yesterday was our first "blue" day since week 15 (the 8th of September to be precise). We are definitely heading for winter.

This week's temperatures:
11/05/2018    8.9    blue
10/05/2018    8.4    blue
9/05/2018    14.3    aqua/teal
8/05/2018    16.3    green
7/05/2018    15.9    green
6/05/2018    18.6    green
5/05/2018    17.2    green

I used the same fabric for both yesterday and today, which I wouldn't normally do. I've been trying to keep repeat fabrics well separated in the quilt. But we have had rain. The umbrella seemed appropriate for yesterday, and then today it has rained non-stop so I couldn't resist using those gumboots as well. Since it started raining yesterday we have had 35.8mm. Our water tank has gone up from 65% full to nearly 90%. It is wonderful to get so much, although I feel sorry for the people of Hobart who have been flooded by 129mm in the same period.

The alert reader may notice that this background fabric is the same as last week. In fact I changed my mind about last week's background as I was assembling it. You can see the actual fabric I used in this photo of the last three weeks:

Linked to Sarah's weekly Weather Report. The project is drawing to a close. Sarah has only one week to go. Pamela in Japan has completed the whole year. I am planning another 3 weeks, to take me up to the official first day of winter.


  1. The gumboots and umbrella are perfect to represent the current weather!!!

  2. Colours and patterns well chosen.

  3. I enjoy watching you make the weather hexies and love the umbrella and gumboot ones..
    we could really do with rain but not like the poor folk of Hobart.
    It was 33 here today..

  4. Loving those low volume backgrounds--they really look like weather i.e. rain drops, winds etc...great choices...hugs, Julierose

  5. You should be feeling quite chuffed that you have kept up to date with this project for nearly a whole year. You couldn't have known when you started that it was going to be quite different from the usual seasonal rhythms. But you should add rain next time, it is important.

  6. I love the boots and umbrella!

  7. I love the "same" fabric as it's a pretty clear indicator of your weather long before I read the text. My first year is definitely coming to a close but I am also looking forward to a second year with a much smaller project. I just hope I like the project as much. Congrats on being so close to the end of your quilt!

  8. This is another interesting roseta for the week, I like the fabrics you are using to the back, the one for this week remembers me wind. Low temperatures and flood... this is terrible, I am sorry to know.

  9. Your temps really are moving towards cooler weather. Where as you have blues and greens, my hexies are now yellow, orange and even red. I will post them tomorrow. Love those gumboots!

  10. Love the gumboots and umbrella fussy cutting. Wow 3 weeks left. That will need a celebration. Great weather map background.

  11. I am really looking forward to seeing the blocks all together. I really love your choice of colours and the umbrella and gumboots are great.

  12. What a neat idea to base the quilt on the temperature - I love it!