Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Garden Colour


Crepe myrtle:
Two of the crepe myrtles have lost all their leaves,  two have turned autumn colours, and one is still covered in green leaves and flower buds.

Beaufortia orbifolia:
This is a plant from Western Australia, but we bought it from the Melton Botanic Garden nursery.

Hakea hybrid "Burrendong Beauty":
The flowers will pop open and look like little pincushions when they are ready.

This afternoon we went to look at Lal Lal Falls. We've had drizzly rain for days, but look at the amount of water at the Falls:
None. Although it does look a bit wet, so there must have been a bit of flow recently.

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  1. Hakea, one of my favourite flowers. Native plants provide colour and food for birds and insects all through the cold months.