Friday, June 30, 2017

A Cold One

The first daffodil open in the garden:
A nice reminder that spring will follow this coldness:

30/06/2017     8.3   blue - coldest day so far!
29/06/2017     9.3   blue
28/06/2017   10.4   aqua/teal
27/06/2017     9.2   blue
26/06/2017   10.1   aqua/teal
25/06/2017     9.4   blue
24/06/2017     9.2   blue


  1. Hi Vireya love daffodils and well done with your hexie xx

  2. Lovely Daffodil shivering out there ;)))
    Nice hexagon--hope you are staying warm and comfy hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your Daffodil & your Hexies are Beautiful!..I am working on a Blue/neutrals hexagon table topper myself....Sending warm Hugs, Debra

  4. So nice to see some colour in winter. Mine have barely emerged from the ground. The ground is white this morning, looks like the frost was trying to imitate snow!

  5. It will be interesting to see the slight change of colour in your hexis as Spring eventually arrives. My daffodils are up also but no flowers as yet.

  6. Thinking of you this morning. It was -2 here and a light frost. Many more blue days to come yet.