Friday, June 16, 2017

Year Quilt Week Three

Week three of my temperature-based year quilt was not very exciting, colour-wise:

16/06/2017   14.2   aqua/teal
15/06/2017   14.6   aqua/teal
14/06/2017   13.2   aqua/teal
13/06/2017   11.7   aqua/teal
12/06/2017   11.8   aqua/teal
11/06/2017   13.6   aqua/teal
10/06/2017   13.1   aqua/teal

I thought Thursday might tip over into the green range, because it felt warm outside during the afternoon.  But it only got to 14.6.

Here is my progress so far:
The first two are now fully stitched in place, although the background squares still need to be sewn together.

Linked to Sarah's HeLP here. 
Sarah initiated the Hexie Temperature quilt idea, and has completed 4 weeks so far. Things are a bit warmer in her part of the world.


  1. It will be when you put them together. They will blend nicely

  2. The up side of consistent tempature means you only have to find one box of scraps. .

  3. Beautiful colours, scary that 3 weeks have flown by so fast.

  4. Sweet blocks, love the colours.

  5. Looking good. No repeats as yet, will you be able to keep that up?

  6. Love your blue fabrics! My temperatures are mostly in the yellow range so far, but I think there will be more oranges coming up!