Friday, June 9, 2017

Year Quilt Week Two

This week (on the right) has been more cyan and less blue than last week(on the left).

9/06/2017  10.7  aqua/teal
8/06/2017  11.4  aqua/teal
7/06/2017  10.6  aqua/teal
6/06/2017  9.4    blue
5/06/2017  13.6  aqua/teal
4/06/2017  13.2  aqua/teal
3/06/2017  10.7  aqua/teal

Today I had an unexpected trip to Geelong, and took advantage of the opportunity to visit the scarf festival display at the Wool Museum. Unlike most textile exhibitions, at this one you can actually touch the scarves, and try them on. That's because they are all for sale. Although if you buy one, you can't have it until after the exhibition ends in September.

The one in the centre with orange at the top won the "Scarf of the Year" award:
Trappist 1 by Karina Irvine. Surprisingly it hasn't been sold yet. It looks better on a model than hanging on the wall:
Picture from the Scarf Festival link above.

The felted scarves weren't my favourite ones. But there are also knitted, woven, crocheted, silk-painted, eco-dyed, you-name-it scarves.
My favourite knitted one is in this shot, but it is very hard to see. It is fifth from the left, and consists of hexagon shapes mainly in a variegated purple yarn. Black Hole, by Christine Jones.


  1. Really varied and interesting scarves on display! I like that crocheted purple squares one--always wanted a crocheted square vest--hmmm, maybe next Winter's project...thanks for sharing.
    Love your cyan hexies--very beautiful hugs, Julierose

  2. Galaxies was a very challenging theme for the scarf festival this year. The responses are so varied, some very imaginative textile artists.