Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quilting and a Koala

Today I finished quilting my June UFO, Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion,
using a curved ruler to quilt canoe shapes all around the border. Now I need to see what I have that I can bind the quilt with.

Late today I saw this:
a koala up a tree a little way down our road. That branch it is on doesn't seem thick enough to hold it, but I suppose that's the only way a koala can get to the freshest shoots at the tips of the branches.

It is a while since we saw a koala around. Last year one was hit by a car and killed about a kilometre or so from here, and I thought perhaps it was "our" koala. But it is very nice to know that there is still some wildlife around the neighbourhood.


  1. Well done with getting the quilting done. Love the canoes. How sweet is that Koala...

  2. Neat Koala--seeing one in person must be amazing...
    your quilting is gorgeous--I love those canoe shapes...beautiful job hugs, Julierose

  3. Another quilt nearly finished, you are doing well. Hope the koala is keeping warm, the temperature is pretty cold overnight and in the mornings.