Friday, June 2, 2017

Year Quilt Week One

The first rosette of my temperature-based year quilt:
Not stitched to the background yet.

I am using the top temperature recorded by our weather station each day to decide the colour of each hexie. This week, three days of teal, four days of cold blue. Winter is definitely here. This is my data for the week:

2/06/2017 10.1 aqua/teal
1/06/2017 10.0 blue
31/05/2017 9.3 blue
30/05/2017 8.9 blue
29/05/2017 11.7 aqua/teal
28/05/2017 9.7 blue
27/05/2017 14.20 aqua/teal

And this is the chart I've made up mapping temperatures to colours:
It will be quite some time before I get to use the warm colours.


  1. Sounds like a fun idea. It will be interesting to see these Hexies come together. I have seen it done in a strip but the hexie sound like more fun

  2. How clever, looking forward to seeing the colours as the seasons progress, you always come up with brilliant ideas.

  3. One of the ladies in my sewing group has crochet a temperature blanket, they are such fun, so excited to see a quilt version!

  4. I never heard of a temperature quilt! What a wonderful way to record the seasons!

  5. A chilly start. I hope you don't get to use any pale blue.

  6. This looks far more interesting then the bar quilts I see everyone doing. Lots of fun