Thursday, June 8, 2017

Winter Flowers

The Lagerfeld rose seems not to know that winter has arrived:
One flower about to open despite the cold and wet, and at least 15 more buds over the whole top of the bush.

Meanwhile in the greenhouse, there are two flowers stems on my orchid, Peter Pan X Snow Eagle "Malcolm":
And a couple of the flowers have obviously been open for a while without me even noticing.


  1. Oooh that rose is spectacular--I will definitely look that one up--if it can withstand rain/cold it would be made for my area this year for sure...
    I had one surviving rose bush which has not as yet set bud--only in the low 50's here again..Is: Summer ever coming?? hugs for a happy and fun weekend Julierose

  2. My roses are having another flush of colour, have picked a few vases worth.