Saturday, July 1, 2017

Icy Start

It's five or six weeks since my bethel sage started flowering, but this morning may have put an end to it:
Minus three degrees.

Pretty geranium leaf:
If you are reading this, Jenni, that's the red-flowered one you gave me.

I know from last year that all these leaves on the blue and the white salvias will turn brown and drop off after a morning like this:
But I also know the plants will come back in spring.

I can only hope that the TreeProject seedlings will all survive it!


  1. The frost on the leaf looks very pretty, hopefully it was not too severe and the foliage will survive.

  2. I have more if you want some and other colours....looked at a couple of my Salvia's tonight and they have been burnt by the frost.

  3. It was a ripper frost at our place too, still very white at 10 am! Kicking myself I didnt take photos, because yours look so good, but stayed in the warm!.