Thursday, July 27, 2017

Quilt Showcase

Went to the city today to check out the Vic Quilters Showcase at the Craft and Quilt Fair, which is on until Sunday. I volunteered for white glove duty, which meant I got free entry to the show, and got to get up close and personal with the quilts. But I didn't take any photos! There are some amazing quilts on display though, and the winner of best in show is just stunning. Worth seeing if you can get there.

My feet were very sore by the end of the day. Definitely chose the wrong footwear for the job, but I did manage to get to 10,000 steps before I got back to the train, so I could just relax when I got home.

My only purchases for the day:
A couple of pairs of gloves from Daiso, and some pins. The photo doesn't show it properly, but the gloves have three fingertips missing. Only the last two finger have tips. The idea is to use them for quilting, but not have to take them off all the time to tie off threads or the like.

The pins are for the curved piecing I am doing on my mystery quilt. My old dressmaking pins just didn't want to slide into the patchwork fabrics, so I treated myself to these very fine ones. They are only .4mm thick.


  1. I have those pins, they are great, but will have to seek out the gloves. Did you already know about them or was it one of your discoveries?

  2. I love Clover pins, but I made the mistake of buying some assuming they were thin (said patchwork) but they were like crowbars. I will be more attentive next time and look for a thickness or "fine". Have you tried their forked pins? Gloves look good. I use new gardening gloves, but do have to take them off constantly, so look forward to a review of this brand.

  3. I was at the craft show Thursday too but didn't end up going in to see the quilts, wish I had gone in would have said g'day! Interesting gloves- there are many treasures in daiso!