Saturday, July 8, 2017

Year Quilt Week Six

At the quilt-in today I got this rosette assembled, but it isn't stitched to the background fabric yet:
7/07/2017   10.2   aqua/teal
6/07/2017   12.0   aqua/teal
5/07/2017   12.1   aqua/teal
4/07/2017   10.7    aqua/teal
3/07/2017    9.4    blue
2/07/2017   11.0   aqua/teal
1/07/2017    9.8    blue

Not a lot of variation in the temperatures for the week. And the week ahead looks like more of the same:
Today's temperature, which isn't shown there, meant that week seven also starts with a blue hexagon.

Added later: Sarah has started a weekly link-up for people making these quilts. Here's the first week.


  1. You might be heading into a blue week if the forecast is just a little optimistic.

  2. Oh! Such pretty colors tor your week. Thanks for joining the linky party!

  3. Gorgeous blues! It will be interesting to see yours progress, as you are in the opposite season as Japan.