Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Roof Done

It was all go at the block today. The roof was finished, the shed site was prepared for the concrete pour tomorrow, some wood was chopped and stacked, and some little branches were burnt rather scarily!

Another sheet of roofing is lifted up:
Almost done:
It's a roof!

Shed slab preparation:

Eucalyptus wood "bleeding" red liquid after it is cut:
This gummy liquid gives gum trees their common name. Apparently it is actually called "Kino", and the tree produces it in response to an injury. You might notice in the photo that it is coming from a hollow space a couple of centimetres below the bark.

Here's why it is now too late to set fire to the huge pile of roots and branches created when the house site was cleared:
Flames from a very small fire of twigs and leaves, shooting up many metres. Imagine that times a thousand. It's a scary prospect.

Look what happened just after the roof was finished:
Rain! Little spouts of water flew off the roof at odd intervals. You might see one at the far end in this shot. But I kept missing them with the camera. Soon the gutters will be installed and connected to the tank so that we'll be catching that water.

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  1. WooHoo! The roof had been raised! And just in the nick of time to keep everything inside dry(er).