Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Macaw for June

Here's my completed Zoo Animals block for this month:
The little white twinkle in his eye faces backwards on the pattern, but I got myself a little confused when I was working out which colour went where on this section:
In fact one piece got sewn three times, because I sewed it crooked the first time, got it right the second time, then realised it was the wrong colour fabric so had to pull it out again. But only two other pieces had to be sewn twice, so I'm getting better!

Linking to Quiet Play so you can see the rest of the flock of macaws. Or get the pattern for yourself, because it is free for this month.


  1. Your patience with paper piecing is impressive. The finished quilt will be awesome.

  2. Would never have guessed you would end up with this from the earlier post

  3. You did a gorgeous work The blue macaw is beautiful.

  4. I was just going to start sewing and glad to have stopped by your blog! I'm sure I'd probably and maybe still will get confused with placement but maybe being more aware will help. Your macaw is beautiful and the sparkle looks just fine as it is!