Monday, June 15, 2015

Daiso Quilting Gloves?

I recently came across these "Fit Coated Gloves" in Daiso, the amazing Japanese shop where everything is $2.80:
They looked an awful lot like the Machingers quilting gloves that cost $15 a pair, so I thought it was worth $2.80 to check them out. There were 4 different sizes, so I bought the largest. There is some info about the size on the bottom left of the package, but I didn't have a tape measure handy to compare the size of my hand, and I wasn't entirely sure what the measurements referred to. Anyone like to guess what the "9.0 cm" relates to?

They have some interesting English instructions on the back of the package. They are apparently suitable for picking fruit or vegetables:
No mention of quilting, though.

They feel the same as the Machingers gloves. The packet says they are polyester and nylon, with a polyurethane "non slip" coating. Machingers say they are 100% nylon with polyurethane coating. So maybe not exactly the same fabric, but they definitely feel similar.

Here they are side by side:
Size "LL" Daiso glove on the left, size "XL" Machinger glove on the right. They are sitting on a mat with a 1cm grid, so you can compare the sizes.

I probably should have got the second-largest size ("L") Daiso glove - these ones are slightly loose, instead of being quite snug like the Machingers. The main difference between the two is where the coating is. Machingers have only the finger-tips coated, whereas the Daiso gloves have one side completely coated. But at less than a fifth of the price, I don't think the coated palm would be a problem!

Next time I am in town I will buy myself a pair of the size "L" for comparison. Then maybe I will stock up on a few pairs for the future when I am nowhere near a Daiso shop!


  1. I love Daiso for quirky craft supplies- as long as one is prepared to make a guess at what the Japanese instructions say!

  2. I've no idea what they mean by 9cm but household and medical gloves here have a line on the packaging as a size guide to measure your hand on across the knuckles. I just measured my hand on the cutting mat and it's 8cm across the knuckles. 9cm would then be large, or maybe medium for most Northern Europeans. Japanese would probably be smaller. Could that be it?

  3. I agree with Marly. Have a look here for how to measure for gloves.