Thursday, June 11, 2015

Busy Day at the Block

Scruff's grave now has a lemon-scented teatree:

Planted this morning, grown from seed from the tree in my old garden.

The house now has its roof trusses:
View of the loungeroom area (and sewing room through the wall frame).

Today's main event involved that never-ending gravel that actually was finished while I was sick at home last weekend. Bright and early two guys and a truck arrived and began to assemble our water tank on that gravel:
 About three hours later, and after removing some layers of clothing, they finished it:
 Just in time for a delivery of 15,000 litres of water:
The tank holds nearly 80,000 litres, but this delivery is so it won't blow away before it is connected up to collect water from our roof. And would you believe we now have to put some more gravel around the base of the tank? We need 10mm of blue metal around the tank to prevent erosion and deter rodents from digging around the base. Yes, the never-ending gravel is still not quite done.


  1. Living up to it's name "never-ending" for sure

  2. That 's a big water tank. Twice the size of our swimming pool. Better blue metal than whatever might get into the tank. We had a galagh in our tank when we lived in the Riverina. Everyone in town had some story or another.
    The house is begining to look good.