Friday, June 12, 2015

Gravel, Water and Polar Fleece

Delivery of the final gravel to finish the tank. In case they came when we weren't there, we told them to unload the gravel on the painted sign:

Unfortunately we weren't there when the delivery arrived. This photo was taken later. You might notice that the gravel is not actually on the sign.  They dumped it about 6 metres away, which means it will all have to be moved at some point.

The builder has started pressure-washing the bricks:
He is washing them with just water (no acid), and I think they are looking pretty good.

Last night at bedtime I realised Dot would not fit into the pyjamas I made her just a couple of weeks ago. Her body is close to 10cms longer and 10cms further around now, so I had to do some quick cutting and stitching. Here she is this morning, snug as a bug:

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  1. Really? They couldn't find the clearly marked spot to dump the gravel? Too bad you can't make them come back & move all of it to it's proper spot. The brick wall looks great! Loving the mix of colors. Dot sure is growing fast and looks cute in her new jammies.