Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What's Been Eating the Roses

Some of the rose bushes are doing fantastically, covered in flowers and reaching for the sky. Others don't seem to grow, and in fact almost go backwards:
Where are the leaves? Obviously something has been eating them, but there's no signs of caterpillars or even half-eaten leaves. No leaves lying on the ground like they were when the rosellas attacked them. Whatever is eating them is stripping whole leaves off the bush, and eating them.

This morning at breakfast time, a glance out the window lead to the answer:

"Who, me? Cute little me?"

Yes, you! Caught red-handed:
Apparently, wallabies like roses! But not the bushes close to the house (so far).


  1. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, cute thing but not in the good books.

  2. Time to experiment with something nasty tasting on the leaves. I wonder if it would like vegemite.

  3. I know they are a nuisance but they still are cute

  4. Oh how funny "A wallabie's eating my roses" --not really funny, but made me smile--and here I thought you were going to show some disgusting insect..silly me...Well, that does pose a problem for a rose grower for sure. Hugs, Julie"rose";)))

  5. we don't have those so mine rose eaters must be rabbitts

  6. Well, that's one animal I've never seen in my backyard! Sorry about your roses!