Thursday, February 23, 2017

Group Baby Quilt

Sometime over the last month, I made this:
Which seems like an odd thing to make all on its own.

Today I took it to my Melbourne CBD get-together, where it joined a bunch of similar strips:
Last month here we bought a pattern, Baby Nine Patch Stripes by Baby Aardvark, and that yellow alphabet fabric which we each took a piece of to incorporate in our strip. And although we all worked individually, many of us put the feature fabric in roughly the same place in our strip.

A bit of strip re-arranging and re-sewing went on to re-distribute the elements:

When the strips were joined together this is what we had:
One of our number is a professional long-arm quilter, so she will quilt it for us before our next meeting. Another has an embroidery machine and will make a label for us. Another will machine on the binding, so we can all do the hand stitching at the next meeting. Then it will be ready to present to the manager of the café where we lunch each month, before she stops work to care for her impending new arrival.


Fran C said...

the top looks lovely and I can see some rearranging in my strip which I thought it would need. I'm so pleased that the stripe fabric worked for the backing. I think I bought it as and end of roll and never used it. cheers Fran

jacaranda said...

Thanks Fran for your backing fabric. The top looks great and after so much re-arranging, it was ready to go.

Jeanette said...

A great group effort, it is fun to work towards a common purpose. Interesting how it has renewed interest in doing another challenge.

Terry said...

A wonderful gift for someone who has a connection to the group. I like the end result even if some components needed rearranging.

Jeann of Melton said...


Sue SA said...

Great group project and lovely gift!

Needled Mom said...

That is wonderful and I love the idea of everyone doing their own strip like that.