Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Losing Weight

Not that sort of weight!

Yesterday I went hardware shopping and bought a bunch of pipes and pipe bits, and these:
These Quick-Grip clamps are amazing. They open with just a light touch, rather than having to be squeeeeezed open. The occy straps are not quite what I needed, but they were the only ones about the right length. But I will need to head back to the shops to find something a bit better than these ones.

Today all the bits went together to make this:

And what they do is amazing!
With the quilt suspended like this, manoeuvring it is so much easier than I would have believed! A lot of the weight is gone, and jerks caused by the quilt falling off the edge of the table are eliminated.

Cost of hardware bits: $99 and some cents.
Easy quilt manoeuvring: priceless!


  1. I have seen photos of quilts suspended for quilting but never as easy to do at home. Love it.

  2. My shoulders and neck are saying "yes please!". Great idea, great machine set up.

  3. Awesome! Even though machines like yours are fairly rare in France, I've taken the liberty of sharing a link to your article on a French quilters forum. I hope that's OK. PS Let me know if that's a problem.