Sunday, February 5, 2017


Everything has been so dry lately, that today's rain was very welcome!

As the weather station says, it rained cats and dogs! By the time it stopped we'd had 25.2mm. Hooray!

The garden says thank you:
Dahlia "Mystic Sparkler"

And this slightly eaten dahlia flower answers a question:
Back in 2012 I purchased a "Marie Antoinette" dahlia tuber. The flower was meant to be purple-coloured, but was actually orange. The company sent me a replacement tuber the next year. In December that year I posted a picture of both of them in flower. Since then, of course, they have moved house and climate and had to live in pots for a year. Last year I don't think either of them flowered. And then some time over winter, one of the tubers got wet and rotted away to nothing. I didn't know until now if I had lost the original orange one, or the purple one.

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  1. What a shame about the purple dahlia. A bit of leaf blocked my raingauage after the first 7mm. I know there was a lot more than that pouring down. Pretty good for February.