Sunday, February 19, 2017


I needed to take a break from quilting, so today did some simple piecing:
This is four of about a dozen units I made of Bonnie Hunter's "Carolina Chain" pattern. In the final quilt the units are assembled into blocks like this, then set on point. But I'm just making units, not blocks, at the moment.

In the coming week I have four "Sit & Sew" days! Four in one week is a bit much. They are all events that only happen once a month, but it would be better it they were spread out through the month. The first one (Tuesday) is at a venue where I can take my machine, so I cut all the components to make a bunch more of these chain units:
Now I need to find things to do on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


  1. That looks like a great block with lots of potential.

  2. Lovely collection of fabrics. You may not need to take anything for Thursday, we have a quilt to put together.

  3. Yes, sometimes we do need to take a break from one thing to another, we seem to get in a "rut". Love what you are piecing at the moment.

  4. I like the Carolina Chain block as a take along sewing project. Maybe time for some more hexegons ? 4. In a row makes for a busy week and I'm assuming you have "some" driving as well.
    I 'm off to a day of machining with like minded friends.