Sunday, February 12, 2017

Garden Goodies

This bed has my dahlias, and a few other bits and pieces:
Including the one Mystic Star dahlia that made it here from my old garden:

Elsewhere in the garden are two small zinnia plants, each with one flower:
All that came up from a whole packet of seeds. And they are both the same colour!

Someone's been having fun with the welder, making a garden sculpture for me out of some of the left-over metal bits from various concreting jobs:
That won't be its permanent home, it was just put there so I could see it without going outside


  1. What a great sculpture, think this is very clever!

  2. Someone has an amazing imagination, I love it's raw state.

  3. The bagged wall is a perfect foil for the dark foliage and brilliant colour of the dahlias.