Thursday, June 30, 2016

Zoo Animals Quilted

Ready for binding:
My Zoo Animals quilt, made with blocks designed by Kristy @ Quiet Play. I haven't chosen a binding fabric yet. What colour would you use?

I'm happy with my quilting in the border. I used a ruler for the wavy line (after watching the Craftsy Rulers class on the weekend) and the rest was free-hand.

This was the unfinished project I worked on in April, then carried over to May, and continued working on this month. Because I worked on this, I didn't make any progress on June's UFO, my feathered star wall hanging. But I should at least have this one finished and crossed of my list before the end of July!

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  1. Hmmm, dark blue to pick up that colour from the sashing and the parrot, or be outrageous and go for pink. Beautiful quilting.

  2. I love how this came out; your quilting looks just right. I think picking up that blue would look well....hugs, Julierose

  3. Wow, that came out beautifully, love the quilting. I might go for the blue, or even a grey

  4. Great quilting in the border, and everywhere else, for that matter! A super finish; all those animals look so interested in life outside the zoo!
    As for the binding I think I would use the brown fabric the raccoon is leaning on, or simply stay with the border fabric.

  5. How cute! I knew those blocks looked familiar. I follow Kristy's blog.

  6. I would use a dark blue with a very thin pink piping