Thursday, June 2, 2016

More Frost Casualties

Some sad garden pictures today, results of our cold night on 30th May.

This was a red-flowered salvia that I had never photographed before the minus three night:

The leaves right underneath look OK, but most of the plant looks destroyed. I don't think it will survive. There were about 8 of these small plants, but this is the only one with any sign of life left.

This was a dogbane, Plectranthus ornatus:
 Now it's just a mess.

This plant was under the verandah, but obviously should have been inside:
That's the latest leaf that was unfurling on my Monstera deliciosa, which grew from a cutting rescued from a skip over 6 years ago. All the older leaves are turning brown, too:
I think I will have to cut off all its leaves, and bring it inside in the hope that there is still some life in it that will re-sprout.

The white-flowered salvia that the rosellas loved is turning brown:
Looks like this one isn't worth propagating cuttings from. But the blue-flowered ones seem to have survived so far.

I've never lived anywhere where the temperature drops below freezing before. It's a learning experience!


  1. Oh too bad for those plant losses--perhaps some can be salvaged inside. We often have freezes and I bring in my plants that have summered outside about one month earlier than the predicted cold and winds begin....and I don't plant or put any out until after May 31st--and this year I'm still hesitating as it is c o l d still--winds off the ocean are pretty chilly for's been a strange climate this year. Good luck with those plants hugs, Julierose

  2. We used to make newspaper hats for plants in early spring . My fater had meters of cheesecloth to cover plants against frost. Mom called it his laundry.

    I think you will need a green house.

  3. Winter has well and truly arrived! Like WHAMO with no proper autumn, or only a very short one, poor plants! Even in Coburg it has been 5 o when I was heading to work in the mornings this week.

  4. I was watching Gardening Australia on the weekend, they showed a segment on covering plants to protect them from frost. Sad to see the salvias burnt from the frost, you have always grown beautiful salvias.

  5. Oh so sorry for your plants...Mother Nature sometimes catches us by surprise....I usually drape towels over mine in early spring..
    Blessings & Hugs.