Sunday, June 19, 2016

Four Seasons

On a walk through the Ballarat botanic gardens, there were remnants of autumn
although most deciduous trees were bare and wintry.

A surprising sign of spring:
Apricot blossom.

But no signs of summer except in the conservatory, where the Craft Council of Ballarat's exhibition "Four Seasons" was open.


  1. Oh lovely pictures--thanks for sharing--the apricot blossoms are beautiful hugs, Julierose

  2. Pretty blossom, bit early though, our apricot tree has just lost it's leaves.

  3. Hi Vireya I missed seeing the four seasons ,it looks like it would be fun,your flowers are beautiful.
    So glad you got to meet the lovely Maria,I couldn't make it as I was full up with the flu and needed to get better for our trip to Darwin.
    We saw on the news that Ballarat is having only 10 degs ,so cold this year,hope you have a lovely day ...