Sunday, June 26, 2016

Activity Tracking

An advantage of having a connection to the internet is that I can now look at the webpage for my Vivofit. And I can see that I have met my goal for 179 days in a row:

When I first got the Vivofit, I allowed it to set the goal for me. It increased every day, to the point where I was doing 16,000 steps. I met those increasing goals for 82 days, but then came Christmas Day 2014 when there was just not time in the day to do that much walking as well as meet family obligations.

Having missed the goal once, I found it easier to miss it again! So through 2015 with all the moving and disruption as our house was built, I didn't do too well. As things settled down at the end of the year I decided to set a permanent goal of 10,000 steps, instead of allowing the Vivofit to increase the goal every day. And I've met that target for 179 days in a row.

I'm also being less sedentary. Compare the breakdown above with this one from October 2014 when I first started using the activity tracker:

Back then I said I intended to get my "sedentary" time down to less than 50%. And I have!

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