Monday, June 27, 2016


Some years ago we planted a handful of fruit trees on the block, anticipating that by the time we moved here, the trees would be big enough to provide us with fruit.

Unfortunately, that didn't quite go as planned. Most of the trees died. Two of them struggled along and are still alive. This is a quince:

And this is a plum:
The stick in front is a stake, not the tree. The tree is the twig behind the stake. Neither of them have grown since they were planted. But they both had a few leaves this year, so where there's life there's hope!

Today it was time for those two hardy survivors to move to a new home:
where hopefully with a bit of care and attention they will actually grow, not just survive.

Here's our new orchard:
Including two apple trees moved from the city garden, and two new plums, a nectarine, and a feijoa. If they all go OK for a year, we will add some more trees next year.

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