Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day Trip to Daylesford

I didn't think to take any photos of the highlight of the day. Too busy enjoying myself, having morning coffee with Maria of The Next Stage and her husband! Maria contacted me last night to let me know they were in Ballarat, so we met up at the cafe at M.A.D.E. (The Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka).

My main destination for the day was the Spa Quilters' show in Daylesford, stopping at a couple of nurseries along the way. First was Newlyn Antiques and Cottage Garden nursery, where they have a fantastic variety of unusual fruit trees. They specialise in heritage apples and pears, and had dozens of varieties. Next winter we might be ready to buy some fruit trees.

A wonderful discovery was the Spring Park Nursery at Eganstown. They specialise in roses, although their bare-rooted ones aren't ready just yet due to the rain they've had recently. We picked up a couple of other shrubs, but we will have to go back in spring or summer to see their rose garden with 1000 different varieties!

The quilt show was small but nice, but photos weren't allowed for internet publishing. So here's a quilt-like tile mosaic on the wall of the primary school where the show was held:
It was made by students in 2004. They'd all be adults by now! I wonder if any of them are interested in quilting? There are some striking designs there.


  1. It was wonderful catching up over coffee!
    Those heritage apple and pear trees sound wonderful and the nursery with 1000 varieties in their rose garden sounds mind boggling...wonderful! The mosaic at the school is really delightful...and yes maybe some went on to quilt 😊

    1. Sorry, too many 'wonderful' s in that comment! Lol