Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Assembling shelving in the walk-in wardrobe:
Due to my miscalculation, some of these shelves had to be shortened. Fortunately the wood-worker in the family fixed that for me.

On the other side of the WIR, the same measuring issue meant that we ended up with a spot which looks like it was deliberately created for this vacuum cleaner:

I've also started putting up shelves in the sewing room:
Sorry it's a bit dark; it was getting late by the time I took that photo. This evening I added a few more shelves and stacked up more fabric boxes. I'm going to need more shelves, so am planning a trip to buy some in a few days. Then I can re-home all the boxes of magazines and sewing books that are still in the unit in Ballarat.


  1. Fabulous progress! The shelving looks great all painted and installed.

  2. So good to have a place for everything.