Thursday, March 31, 2016


To thank the neighbour who has been helping to cut up our firewood, we offered to do some weeding on his block. Here's why:
That's bluebell creeper, Billardiera heterophylla, choking everything in part of his block. It's not easy to deal with when it gets like this.

Here's one little part I worked on today. Before:
That's a spindly acacia which was being strangled by the creeper, and a young eucalypt in front. I actually cleared the creeper from the eucalypt yesterday. Before I did that I thought it was just a huge clump of creeper, so there's no real "before" photo. As the creeper is removed, lots of small trees are being exposed to the light. That should give them the chance to actually grow, rather than being killed by the creeper.


  1. Great work, a case of one step at a time. Just read up on this plant in the wrong place aka weed - hope the toxins it contains don't affect you.

  2. What a good neighbour you are!

  3. I find weeding very therapeutic.

  4. Payment in kind is better than money sometimes. Very thoughtful