Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March UFOs

The UFO numbers drawn for March are 4 and 41.

Here's my number four:
It will need some borders before it can be turned into a quilt. For now I have pinned it up to get a good look at it, and decide if I want to add any more of the pentagon or diamond shapes anywhere first.

I'm glad I do not have 41 unfinished projects! But here is number fourteen on my list:
The tree skirt I whipped up in December. I'll need to give it a backing, then quilt and bind it.


  1. At least you seem to be making progress on the UFO's. I've just left mine to chat among themselves.

  2. What a great way to get UFO's done, I agree, thankfully there is no number 41, but I suspect some do have that and more. Love your sunflower piece.

  3. I must get my UFO's listed. I following Stephanie on Stashbusters and the girls there - well some of them their UFO's number over 100!!!! Love your tree skirt.

  4. Sunflowers looking good, you almost have a red one!

  5. I figure if I don't make the list then they don't exist. :) I have been working on some ufos though but it is hard to not start something new and exciting. Love the flower piece Vireya.