Friday, March 4, 2016

Colac, Winchelsea, Mt Mercer

Colac Quilters' show:
On until Sunday.
It was nice to see some of the quilts on beds, not just hanging.

I was rather taken with this sculpture:
There was no indication of the artist, or the name of the piece. The "knitting" is part of an old metal mesh bed base.

Barwon Park in Winchelsea:
I've never been here before, but I'm sure I've seen this building in TV shows or movies. Today I was attending the display of costumes from the film The Dressmaker.
The costumes are displayed throughout the house. Photos (without flash) were allowed, but most rooms were too dark for me to take flashless photos. This picture of the stairs gives a bit of a feel of the interior of the home of the man who introduced rabbits to Australia!

On the way home, a chance to get a close view of Mt Mercer wind farm:
And find out for myself just how noisy they are. The answer? Not very. Cars going past were much louder. But when there was no other noise, the "woosh, woosh" of the blades could be heard. But I could only hear the one closest to the road. There are 64 turbines in this farm, which together produce enough electricity to power all the homes in Ballarat.


  1. Thank you, I won't have a chance to get there. love the way the quilts were displayed.

  2. Love the knitted sculpture. I think wind turbines are less of a blot on the landscape than HT powerlines.

  3. Thank you Vireya for the look at the Colac Show - love the way they have displayed some of the quilts. Alas I won't be able to get there tomorrow, but hopefully will get to Barwon Park for the display from The Dressmaker. If not will go when it is at Ripponlea.