Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rare Blooms

Paintbrush lily, Haemanthus coccineus:
It has looked like a dead thing in its pot ever since it came here, but it has burst into life with two flowers:
The leaves will follow later.

Cymbidium orchid - Peter Pan X Snow Eagle "Malcolm":
The first of nine to open:
I was given this orchid in April 2011. I'm glad it is happy enough to flower in its new home.

And even more gladdies:
There are two stems of these purple and white flowers. I think these were among the plants we rescued from a garden about to be demolished in Coburg last August.


  1. Lily is so well named, stunning red colour.

  2. The lily doesn't look real, but plastic.

  3. I ♥ flowers. Yours are beautiful. I have never seem Haemanthus coccineus before. Hugs