Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scatterday - F

Cinzia's die has rolled an F for us this week, and our categories are Insect, Country, Shop, and Future Project.

Is that the second-biggest fly you've ever seen?

Fireplaces of former farmhouses are a common sight in the countryside. A small flock of sheep graze under the long-dead pine trees which once lined the driveway to this house.

Fabric shops are my favourite, of course! But these vintage fabrics were for sale at a flea-market.

Future Project:
The next hand-piecing project I have lined up to do is a pattern designed by Geta Grama from Romania called Flower Ball. This is Geta's photo from her blog post.
Mine won't be in these colours of course. I also want to see if I can add to the 3-D effect by the use of lighter and darker fabrics in both the flowers and background.
Geta has since made a lot larger version based on this concept, which will be at the Houston Quilt Festival this year. You can see that amazing quilt here.

Well that's the F-words taken care of. As usual, there are links on Cinzia's blog to the other Scatterday folks.


  1. I have seen this hexagon quilt by Geta before - am totally envious that you're going to be doing it!!! I'll be at Houston this year - will look for the bigger version.

  2. Definitely, NO! That is the THE biggest fly EVER. Looking forward to your quilt in another colour way. The perspective in the hexies looks daunting. Thanks for the link. Love the rural scene.

  3. Awe darn ... you just reminded me of my Grandfather's Ashtray .. a whopping big brass blowfly! (I wonder if Mum still has it ????)
    Great post. - Cheers