Monday, October 28, 2013

Mystery Quilt Bug

I enjoyed Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt last year so much that despite not having finished that one, I want to participate in the next one. This year's is called "Celtic Solstice" and here are the colours Bonnie is working with:
Plus neutrals not shown in this picture. The colours remind me a lot of my sunflower quilt still in progress! So I'll probably have plenty of fabrics to work with if I choose to use the same colour scheme. And I might re-name it "Summer Solstice", as those colours look very summery to me, and it will be summer when the mystery runs.

I had thought I might try converting Bonnie's pattern to metric measurements as it goes along, but this year she is using a tool that I've never seen a metric equivalent of, the Tri-Recs rulers. So I ordered myself a set (before even asking any friends if they had one I could borrow), which arrived in the mail today:
So now I just need to choose a colour scheme and pull out some fabrics, and I'll be all ready to go at the end of November when the clues start.

Meanwhile, I thought the glasses race was over, as I went to pick up the local ones today. But they weren't right, and have to go back. With them on I needed to have my face no more than 30cm from the computer screen to have everything in focus, which is not quite the way they are meant to work! While that goes on, the internet ones may be somewhere over the Pacific, as they left the international sorting centre in Los Angeles on Friday morning their time.


  1. Good luck with the glasses. So frustrating

  2. Looking forward to hearing you have success with the os glasses

  3. I love the colours of the new quilt, it reminds me of summer also. Looking forward to seeing your new glasses, both local and o/s glasses.