Friday, October 11, 2013

Real Estate-ese

Spotted while out walking:
This house has some not-so-unique selling points; I'd like to think that most houses for sale had "fully functional" laundries and bathrooms. Wouldn't you get a broken toilet fixed before putting your house on the market? I'm also not convinced of the desirability of nearby "fast food restaurants".

But what really caught my attention was the puzzle of exactly what the windows and doors are made from.

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  1. Ha ha! they have a language all of their own, Vireya! lol And the photos that they take. We had our house on the market a few years ago (it didn't sell) but I couldn't recognise the rooms in the photos.We live in a 50s wooden house and some of the rooms are smallish...they looked very big in the photos though, and our modest backyard looked huge!! Now if I look at real estate photos in the local paper I often think 'bet that lounge/kitchen/bedroom is no where as big as it looks in the photo' lol