Friday, October 18, 2013

Eastern Train Trip

Clock tower at Flinders Street Station:
I took a train trip to Nunawading for the Eastern Palliative Care fund-raising quilt show:
The quilts were a mixture of antique and modern, with the emphasis on them being loved. They are not your usual "show" quilts, but rather quilts that have been made for special people, and which have been used. One of my favourites was an African-themed quilt for a baby boy, which featured some very quirky African animals, including these zebras:
and this giraffe:
Aren't they cute?

I hope these photos are reasonably in-focus! It's hard to tell without my computer glasses.


  1. Thanks for the giraffes.

  2. I'm not a quilter, but I love quilt shows. I really like the zebras!